Professionals in the E&C world know first-hand the value of effective root cause analysis.  
With capital expansions at peak levels, schedule compliance, cost containment and safe work sites are critical to delivering new capital facilities ‘on time’ and ‘on budget’, while assuring a profitable bottom line.  Design-Build coalitions need to work closely together to solve problems as they arise in order to ensure successful project completion.  Any time an incident interrupts work progression, crews and equipment site idle costing millions a year in lost productivity. The outcome of RCA assures permanent resolution of the problem, and identification of improvements in planning, scheduling and work execution.
The methodology assists E&C professionals with:
  • Insight into underlying causes of problems and successes in operations, quality and safety
  • Solutions with immediate and lasting impact
  • A unified method to address contractor and supplier breakdowns
  • Compliance with the expectations and guidelines of regulators and HSE
  • Reducing complaints and building a better reputation and experience for customers
  • Opportunities to improve weakness or failures in the supply chain
  • Automated reports for improved transparency and compliance
  • Creating a competitive edge for winning new business
Sologic is a global leader in providing root cause analysis training, skills development and software to E&C firms.  Our evidence-based method enables companies to discover the genuine systemic and non-systemic causes of failure and understand where they can focus their continual improvement efforts. We welcome the opportunity to help you.

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