Put your Analyst 1 training immediately to work. 

This additional day takes what was learned during the Analyst 1 training and applies it directly to real-life problems from your organization.  This direct application completes the cycle of learning so you have the confidence and skills to analyze and solve problems in real-time.  The Focused Facilitator course provides the perfect risk-free environment to put your analytical and facilitation skills to the test.

Drive Collaborative Problem-Solving

  • Facilitate a root cause analysis based on evidence and logic
  • Unite around a common, scalable RCA methodology
  • Gather and preserve evidence, interview stakeholders and form an investigation team
  • Build a cause and effect logic diagram
  • Recognize and correct systemic causes
  • Pinpoint effective solutions
  • Build resilient error-proof systems
  • Utilize Causelink software
  • Communicate findings, solutions and trends
  • Removes focus from generalization, opinion, and finger-pointing
  • Shifts the focus to evidence, logic, causes, objectivity, and collaboration
  • Attain universal, valuable skills that will follow you... wherever your career leads

Class Details
  • One 8-hour days of classroom instruction
  • Available as private, on-site training
  • Most customization requests happily accommodated
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