Level 1 RCA Facilitator Course (Virtual)

The course covers effective problem analysis including the problem statement, cause & effect charting, solution generation, facilitating RCA teams, and reporting. The concepts are reinforced with many “hands-on” exercises that sharpen the student’s skills. Through role playing exercises, students also learn to manage diverse groups, maximizing their RCA facilitation efforts.  

Combining eRCA Fundamentals (online learning course) with instructor-led, online collaboration sessions, this course also includes a 140-page training manual, learning aids, and a Causelink RCA software license.  Causelink organizes your RCA data, reinforces the steps of an RCA, and makes it easy to follow the process. Students use Causelink to complete their course exercises so that they hit the ground running after class.


Part 1
  • eRCA Fundamentals - interactive training. Can be completed online over multiple sessions at the student’s own pace
  • ~2.5 total run time
  • A final exam at the end of the course requires a passing score of 80% or higher
  • eRCA Fundamentals must be completed prior to starting Part 2
Part 2
  • Live, online instruction (4 total sessions of 1.5 hours/session)
  • Session 1 - Into/Overview, Gathering/Managing Data, and Problem Statement; exercise
  • Session 2- Cause & Effect; two exercises 
  • Session 3- Solutions, Reporting & Facilitation; exercise
  • Session 4- Final Exercise (group-based)
Part 3
  • Example problems using Causelink RCA software


High-speed internet connection

Part 1 
Adobe Flash (required until April 15, 2020)
Pop-up blockers must be turned off

Part 2 
These sessions are completed via live, instructor-led, online collaboration sessions
GoToWebinar (access and invitations provided by Sologic)  
Alternative collaboration tools (access and invitations provided by Customer)   

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