Imagine you have an important meeting across town.  You’ve prepared for it all week.  You’re a bit nervous (who wouldn’t be?) but ready!  And… when you get to your car, you see that one of your tires is completely flat.  You check the spare and it’s flat too.  You dial-up a ride service, but the nearest car is 15 minutes away.
This is what it’s like when a company relies on an asset to do what it’s supposed to do and then something goes wrong.  There are opportunity costs of lost production, added costs of unscheduled maintenance, indirect costs in lost confidence, and added risks to the maintenance personnel who now must fix the asset under pressure.
Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA) helps avoid these scenarios by defining exactly how an asset is supposed to perform, what it looks like when the asset cannot perform to that level, and what might cause it to be unable to perform.  This allows you to then write a maintenance strategy to help avoid these kinds of failures and recover more quickly when/if they do occur.

FMEA Consulting

An FMEA is led by an experienced facilitation team.  Sologic provides FMEA facilitation services, both virtually and in-person.  Our team will help you choose which assets to examine and then guide you through the complete FMEA process.  The focus Sologic FMEA sessions is on learning.  The outcome is a thorough understanding of how your asset works, what is likely to cause failure, and what you can do to ensure availability.

FMEA Training

Sologic will train your team to perform FMEAs so you can bring the process in-house.  We will focus on Reliability Centered Maintenance fundamentals along with practical, hands-on examples.  The training includes RCA fundamentals as well so that attendees develop competency in managing the full cycle of continuous improvement.

FMEA Causelink Software

Our Causelink software includes an FMEA module that will help you facilitate and document the output from your FMEA sessions.  It creates an asset component taxonomy, defines functions and functional failures, identifies failure modes, and assesses risk.  RCAs can be created directly from a failed component.

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