The RCA Master course is the pinnacle of root cause analysis training. This course is designed to provide you with the highest level of RCA and facilitation skills while expanding your knowledge to continuously improve your program.

Course Equivalency​
So how does the RCA Master course compare 

Master Root Cause Analysis

  • Hone your expertise in root cause analysis and facilitation
  • Ensure your team has a deep understanding of the methodology including learning advanced Cause and Effect concepts that improve RCA quality and reduce time to complete
  • Dive deeper into cause-and-effect logic for comprehensive analysis
  • Address systemic and organizational root causes
  • Incorporate Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) principles into your analysis
  • Advanced Data Gathering
  • Advanced Cause and Effect
  • Keys to success for managing high-profile, complex incidents
  • Integration of HOP & Human Error concepts to avoid blame
  • Reporting and communicating to leadership
  • Multi-part group exercises
Class Details
  • Duration:
    • On-site: 2 days – 16 hours live instruction
  • Level: Advanced
  • Prerequisites: RCA Specialist course
  • Course Benefits:  
    • One- year Causelink Individual software license for each attendee
    • CEUs awarded 
    • Certificate of Completion provided
    • Valuable knowledge that will transfer to any role, department, or organization

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