Sologic's RCA Masters Training Program is a progressive approach to mastering the craft of Root Cause Analysis (RCA). This program has been configured to provide individuals and organizations with the skills, knowledge, tools, and leadership required to excel in the realm of structured problem-solving in an exciting and collaborative way. 

Program Highlights:

  • Progressive Learning:  Our program offers a structured step-by-step learning progression from basic awareness to advanced capability.
  • Certification and CEU Opportunities:  Earn certifications in RCA Specialist, RCA Master, or even become a certified RCA Course Instructor to teach and guide others on their RCA journey. CEUs are provided for all courses.
  • Experienced-based:  Engage in collaborative exercises and activities that promote teamwork, enhancing your problem-solving capabilities.
  • Focused Case Studies:  Dive deep into focused case studies and tailored content, ensuring a targeted and efficient learning experience utilizing Sologic's world-class software Causelink.
  • Ongoing Mentoring and Support:  Receive guidance and support to help tailor the course content to your organization's challenges and goals.

Why Choose Sologic?

  • Field-tested and Experienced:  The Sologic process and Causelink software are driven by extensive and diverse experiences.
  • Proven Success:  Join thousands of others who have successfully applied Sologic in diverse industries.
  • Curated Solutions:  Tailor your training experience to address your organization's specific challenges and goals.
  • Expert Instruction:  Learn from instructors with extensive real-life experience.
  • Industry-leading Tools:  Causelink software provides a common place to investigate, collaborate, and share.

Your Roadmap

Introductory: RCA Apprentice

Many people will never lead a large RCA investigation but they may participate in several of them.  And everyone solves problems on a less-formal basis every day.  The RCA Apprentice course introduces you to the world of structured problem-solving.  It prepares you to participate most effectively as an RCA team member.  And it will dramatically improve your daily problem-solving skills.

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Proficiency: RCA Specialist

The RCA Specialist course includes everything in the RCA Apprentice course, so if you know you will be leading more complex investigations, this is where you should begin your journey.  Learn how to recognize significant investigation opportunities, assemble a team, gather and manage data/evidence, write a problem statement, analyze causes and effects, identify effective solutions, and report what you've learned to leadership.

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Subject Matter Expert: RCA Master

Build upon your new knowledge and skills obtained from RCA Specialst training to attain subject matter expertise in the area of structured problem-solving.  You'll learn advanced data gathering techniques, advanced analytical methods, how to provide guidance and mentorship to others, and how to develop an effective RCA program.

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Teacher/Mentor: RCA Course Instructor

As an RCA Course Instructor, the student becomes the teacher. Some of us were born to teach others.  What could be more valuable and fulfilling than to guide others on their pathway to becoming world-class problem solvers?  As an RCA Course Instructor, you will be instrumental in preparing the next generation of problem-solving experts as you continue to refine your own knowledge and skills.  

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Accelerate: RCA Masters Bootcamp

Why not get it all done at once?  If you know you want to achieve the level of RCA Master from the very beginning, choose to attend a Sologic Masters Bootcamp. The RCA Masters Bootcamp accelerates the learning by merging RCA Specialist and RCA Master courses in an immersive learning experience.  This course is 4 days as a public offering or 3 days as a private seminar.  

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Course Equivalencies

Long-time Sologic clients will see that we've reimagined the student experience. We've moved away from content-heavy slides and training manuals, embracing a dynamic approach with hands-on case studies, collaborative interactions with our instructors, and engaging team-building activities. We're dedicated to tailoring the learning experience and working closely with organizations to meet attendees at their unique points in the RCA journey.

Our primary goal is to ensure that each course is not just informative but also enjoyable, encouraging students to stay engaged and empowering them to excel in their RCA training.

RCA Masters Training Program FAQ

"I took the Level 1 Facilitator course.  Do I need to now take the RCA Specialist course?"
No.  The deliverables for the Level 1 Facilitator are identical the RCA Specialist, even if the way in which we deliver these lessons in the classroom have improved.  If some time has passed since you last performed an RCA, retaking the RCA Specialist course would be a great refresher!

"I previously took the Level 2 Master Facilitator course and was planning to take the Level 3 Lead Investigator course.  Do I need to take the new RCA Master course to achieve the same skills that I would have gained from the Level 3 course?"
Yes.  The RCA Master Course will contain new content that you were not exposed to in the previous Level 2 course.

"I am currently a Sologic Certified Instructor.  Do I need to take the RCA Master Instructor course to maintain my certification?"
No.  Your current certification will carry over and remain valid, provided that in the past year: a) you have taught at least one class, or b) Attended a Sologic-taught Level 1/RCA Specialist course, or c) Participated in a Sologic-led Instructor refresher session.

"Are the Focused Facilitator and RCA for Managers classes still being offered?"
Yes.  Both of these classes can be scheduled as “in-company” classes.

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