Telling Stories

17 January 2019

You may not have noticed it, but there is war quietly raging in the offices and boardrooms of the business world.  On one side of the battlefield stands evidence-based analysis, empirical research and a solid grasp of cause and effect. Meanwhile, massed across the valley are the forces of story-telling, narrative and opinion.  If only a ceasefire could be negotiated and peace were to break out; decision making, planning and problem solving would be far easier and vastly more effective. But don’t hold your breath. For the time-being, they seem hell bent on destruction.

When Lessons Learnt are Lessons Lost

7 December 2018

Over 400 years ago, Captain James Lancaster, an English sailor, performed a benchmark experiment in his pursuit of a prevention for a disease called scurvy.  Scurvy was one of the biggest problems at sea at that time, killing or debilitating many individual sailors as well as rendering the operational capability of a crew so diminished that the remaining sailors struggled to man their ships safely. 

The 'Big Seven' pitfalls when problem solving (and how to avoid them)

3 December 2018

All organisations have problems and some of those problems are worth solving. Clearly
some teams and some people are better at solving problems than others, so what pitfalls
can you avoid in order to improve your problem solving skills and outcomes?

Pressure Mounts for UK Water Companies

12 November 2018

Last month saw the news break that some of the UK’s largest water companies are to face far greater scrutiny from their industry watchdog. The Consumer Council for Water (CCW) requested quarterly reports from three of the largest providers, requiring detailed updates how they’ll reduce complaints from over 3.5 million customers.

15 Banking Complaints Every Minute and Rising. Is There an Answer?

1 November 2018

Earlier this week news broke that for the 4th period in a row, complaints made to UK banks were on the rise. In the most recent 6-Month period the number of customer complaints reached a staggering 4.2 million – that’s equivalent to 15 recorded complaints every minute, of every single day. To compound matters further, the rate of closure slipped from 39% being settled within 3 working days down to just 35%.

Which Boss Are You? Premier League or NFL?

1 October 2018

 Back in 2013/14 the English Premier League reached an all-time low. Incredibly, the average managerial tenure at a club sunk to just 1.84 seasons per active manager.  And if you had removed Arsene Wenger’s 18 seasons at Arsenal that figure would have plummeted to just 1.05 seasons per head.  Just try to imagine any other multi-billion industry where the COO’s of the 20 leading firms had an average of just 1 year in charge.  Consider the impact on corporate memory, continuity, strategy, institutional learning, recruitment, or just about any other metric you’d want to consider.