I, Problem

24 November 2020

The sphere of problem solving is replete with myths and folklore.  Tales abound of lone ranger problem solving gunslingers, the lone genius and even the solitary savant.  There is an underlying assumption that a good problem-solver is a fast problem-solver and that for every complex problem there is always a ‘right answer’ as long as you work hard enough to find it.

What's the Problem?

14 September 2020

Simple question, huh?  So, maybe you’d expect a simple answer wouldn’t you?  But in fact you rarely get one, do you?
When trouble strikes, ask pretty much any colleague what the problem is and you’ll almost certainly have to settle in for the long run.  Grab a coffee, put your feet up, and pin your ears back.  In almost every instance you’ll hear a good tale but you’ll be none the wiser as to the exact issue at the end of this exchange. Although you may well be wise as to who’s likely to be getting the blame.

Facilitated Investigations

7 September 2020

Sometimes independent and respected support is essential when you have to investigate complex and difficult events.  At Sologic we understand the issues, sensitivities and hurdles encountered when these major incidents occur. Our team will lead and support your professionals through a successful root cause analysis and navigate the unique challenges presented by these significant high-impact events.

From Good to Great

3 September 2020

All organisations want to create a positive and optimistic workplace culture.  Every responsible Team Leader, Head of Department and CEO knows that a positive problem solving culture is fundamental to high performance and much more.  But very few leaders have an established process in place or understand the implications if they don’t.

Micromanagement – Managerial OCD?

12 August 2020

You probably already know that micromanagement is dangerous for you, your staff and your business. And it certainly is. But maybe not for the reasons you think.
When we think about the pitfalls of micromanagement in the workplace, we are immediately reminded of the unbearable pressures it often places on staff; the continuous scrutiny, the endless documentation, the stagnation of creativity and the inevitable drift towards a toxic blame culture.  Let’s face it, nobody likes being micromanaged and in reality, few (aside from the occasional workplace psychopath) enjoy doing the micromanaging much either. 

What is Fishbone Analysis?

1 July 2020

Fishbone Analysis or Fishbone Diagrams are a useful visual way to make sense of complex, information-rich problems.  They are a way to combine Brainstorming with Mind Mapping to present Cause and Effect in a structured, easy to follow manner.  Done well, Fishbone will reveal many more possible causes of a problem than traditional written analysis.