Cloud-based and mobile-friendly

Cloud based and optimised for mobile and tablet as well as desktop/laptop Causelink Individual improves on all the Causelink Desktop features via enhanced functionality plus a number of additional tools including action tracking, incident workflow and incident timeline. It is an invaluable investigation and reporting tool for the modern workplace.
Causelink allows individuals to investigate problems in a fast, simple, standardised and evidence-based manner.
Causelink Individual allows RCA teams to methodically break down cause and effect, and pinpoint effective solutions that permanently interrupt the causal chains that underpin repeat failures.

Causelink Individual helps RCA teams:

  • Quickly build robust cause and effect charts
  • Create powerful and accurate incident timelines. 
  • Pinpoint evidence-based causes and apply effective solutions
  • Create visual dashboards and spot trends
  • Analyze and share data with colleagues
  • Create RCA reports on-the-move using tablets or mobile devices.
  • Report to leadership in a language and format that captures their attention and active support
  • Pinpoint, understand and solve systemic problems
  • Achieve positive, lasting results, reach business goals, demonstrate ROI

Root Cause Reporting

Using Causelink, RCA reports become faster to build, clearer to understand and more effective when it comes to revealing and applying solutions. Organisations using Causelink apply better solutions more quickly. 

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