students-for-causelink-eduThe Causelink for EDU program provides universities with free access to Causelink root cause analysis software and the online learning course, eRCA Fundamentals.  The goals for the program are to expose students to software that they can expect to use after graduation, provide instructors with oversight, and hear software usability feedback from a diverse group of problem-solvers.

During causal analysis and incident investigation courses, students at participating universities gain access to the online learning course, eRCA Fundamentals.  They learn how to investigate incidents and conduct a root cause analysis.  After completing the online course, students use Causelink to practice what they’ve learned. Browser-based Causelink software guides an investigator through evidence gathering, problem definition, causal analysis, corrective/preventative actions, and the final report.  Typically, each student is assigned to investigate an incident, then document and report their findings in Causelink.  With access to all the records, instructors can easily review work and make improvement suggestions.  

"Thought it a GREAT tool for students to learn"

-- University Program Leader


The only requirement from the University is that they conduct courses in incident investigation, problem-solving, causal analysis, and/or root cause analysis and that their students have access to the Internet.  

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