RCA Analyst Level 1

2 days of classroom instruction
Our most popular Root Cause Analysis (RCA) course teaches the knowledge and skills you need to lead a successful root cause analysis. Each attendee also receives Sologic Causelink software. Level 1 provides a foundational knowledge of the Sologic method.


8 Hours - over 1 Day
Sologic’s Tactical Problem Solving course introduces the core concepts and benefits of structured problem solving.   This course addresses how we benefit from a more structured approach to problem solving and introduces key concepts and techniques that lead to answers to everyday business challenges.

Human Factors for RCA

1 day of classroom instruction
Understanding Human Factors plays a central role in complex problem solving, reducing risk and improving performance. This one-day course provides an in-depth introduction to the central concepts in Human Factors and their relationship to high quality Root Cause Analysis.

Senior Management RCA Overview

2 hours of classroom instruction
As a Senior Manager solving problems and reducing risk is a central part of your role. Root Cause Analysis is a globally respected method, proven to deliver measurable results and recommended by major regulatory bodies.

RCA Analyst Level 2

2 day of classroom instruction
Go deeper into the Sologic method and lead more complex root cause analysis projects. Students will learn additional investigation and facilitator skills, and develop a road map for planning and supporting an effective RCA program.
"I participated in the facilitator and master facilitator courses and the experience was fantastic! For those that have participated in root cause analysis, I urge you to take this course and you will quickly realize how much you are missing and the opportunities that open up for you with the Sologic RCA methodology!"


Sologic Training FAQ

How long does an RCA course take? 
Our RCA Analyst Level 1 Facilitator course is delivered over 2 consecutive days. Optional follow up courses are available and range from half a day to 3 days.

Is there a minimum class size? 
Our class sizes for our RCA Analyst Level 1 Facilitator in-house courses begin at 10 delegates, with a suggested maximum of 20 students.

Do students need any prior knowledge of RCA before they attend? 
No. Our courses are designed to be suitable for newcomers to RCA, as well as students who have some prior understanding of complex problem solving and RCA methodologies.

Do students need to do any study before the course? 
No, learning materials and instruction begin at the start of the course itself. no pre-work is required.

Is there any follow up coursework? 
No.  Additional courses to develop RCA skills can be attended. Of course, organizations can encourage their own additional coursework.

Is there a certificate upon completion? 
All candidates who complete the 2-day Level 1 course receive a Certificate of Completion.

Is RCA a sector specific discipline? 
All organisations, big and small, old and new have problems that need solving. Sologic RCA has been developed to be applicable across sectors and throughout any professional discipline.

We use Six Sigma/8D/Lean. What would Sologic RCA do for me? 
Many of our clients are deeply committed to quality improvement processes such as Six Sigma. The Sologic RCA method fits extremely well with these programs by augmenting the “Analyze” step with a more robust and powerful RCA Cause & Effect method that reduces or eliminates time spent later testing variables or conducting “design of experiments.” 

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