Serious events place intense demands on organizations and RCA teams. Analyst 3 attendees will learn to lead and manage the most complex incident investigations and produce reliable, impartial results.

When a major event occurs, the RCA leader assumes a broad range of responsibilities. They need well-honed skills to protect the credibility of the investigation team, the problem owner(s), and all affected parties and individuals. Concurrent investigations conducted by other organizations can create additional political risks and complications. Sologic’s Analyst 3 training equips RCA experts to direct an effective investigation while managing external factors such as legal processes, PR and communications needs, and information distribution to government and regulatory agencies.

Sologic’s seasoned instructors equip students with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to successfully navigate tough investigations. While everyone wants to avoid serious events, some events cannot be anticipated. Learning how to handle major incidents before they happen builds skills and confidence that can minimize company-wide consequences and repercussions.

Empower RCA Teams

  • Apply advanced facilitation skills to a wide range of major events
  • Effectively manage, preserve and protect key evidence
  • Handle chain of custody and legal due-diligence requirements
  • Liaise with external bodies, agencies, and other investigation efforts
  • Protect the organization’s reputation and prevent revenue loss, penalties and fines
  • Organize, protect, and retain information
  • Embed an impartial, consistent and evidence-based RCA culture
  • Communicate effectively with senior leaders, other investigators, and the media
  • Universal, scalable, practical and intuitive for RCA novices and experts
  • Logical, complete, and accurate process
  • Removes focus from generalization, opinion, and finger-pointing
  • Shifts the focus to evidence, logic, causes, objectivity, and collaboration
  • Attain universal, valuable skills that will follow you... wherever your career leads
Class Details
  • 1.5 days of classroom instruction (12 hours)
  • Prerequisite: Analyst Level 1 (required), Analyst Level 2 (not required, strongly suggested)
  • Each attendee receives an investigator’s toolkit, including templates and job aids
  • Available as a public seminar or as private, on-site training
  • Most customization requests happily accommodated
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