The RCA Specialist course will give you the confidence and skills to facilitate RCAs both independently and as the leader of a small investigation team. This course is designed to take whatever knowledge you have and transform it into a structured, analytical approach that leads to effective, sustainable solutions.

Elevate your RCA Proficiency

  • Learn how to effectively perform an RCA as well as guide a small team through investigations
  • Foster analytical thinking, and common language in RCAs
  • Acquire techniques to gather, manage, and analyze data and evidence that is important to the RCA
  • Create detailed problem statements that set the stage for focused and impactful analysis
  • Build in-depth cause-and-effect charts to unveil complex relationships and uncover underlying causes
  • Identify effective solutions and strategies that are sustainable
  • Recognize and address systemic issues that contribute to problems, going beyond surface-level solutions
  • Shift attention from generalizations, opinions and blame to evidence, logic, and objective analysis
  • Embrace a collaborative mindset, promoting teamwork and shared insights
  • Detailed instruction on Sologic's 5 Step Method
    • Data Gathering
    • Problem Statement
    • Cause and Effect
    • Solutions
    • Reporting
  • Multiple, hands-on exercises from real-life incidents
  • Hands-on use of Causelink RCA software
  • Effective Facilitation
  • Group Exercise
Class Details
  • Duration:
    • Virtual: 1.5 hours pre-work + 10 hours live instruction
    • On-site: 2 days - 16 hours live instruction
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Prerequisites: None 
  • Course Benefits:  
    • Electronic training manual
    • One- year Causelink Individual software license for each attendee.  Organizations who enroll in private courses have the option of an extended complimentary Causelink Team or Enterprise license trial.
    • CEUs awarded 
    • Certificate of Completion provided
    • Valuable knowledge that will transfer to any role, department, or organization
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