In today’s complex and unpredictable workplace, effective Root Cause Analysis (RCA) skills have never been more important.  But it isn’t always easy to bring large groups together for extended training sessions.  That’s where Sologic’s virtual training comes in.  Our virtual courses deliver essential problem-solving tools and skills, including; problem definition, visual cause & effect analysis, solution generation, team facilitation, and expert reporting. These key concepts are reinforced with expert instructor insights and practical exercises to sharpen the student’s investigation skills.
Collaborative interaction between attendees and the instructor is crucial to successful virtual learning.  Causelink Root Cause Analysis software maximises the interaction between students and their instructor  Students use Causelink to complete their course exercises and case studies, ensuring that they complete the course with confidence and practical competence in RCA.  

Any Sologic course can be delivered virtually.  We are happy to tailor courses to meet your specific requirements.
“I was skeptical about virtual learning, but your class was terrific!  I recommended it to our seinior leadership during our company-wide conference call.”
“After your class, I realised that I actually like virtual training better than face-to-face. Using Causelink during the break-out sessions was engaging and fun. And no travel means I get to sleep in my own bed.”
“Not only was the virtual class effective, it was much more economical.  And each person generally travels the day before training starts and the day after training concludes. Those days are largely unproductive.”


High-speed internet connection
Access to Microsoft Teams or alternative collaboration tools 
Access to Causelink RCA web-based Software (URL provided by Sologic)   

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