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RCA in Healthcare
Dr. Eric Lim, Managing Director for Sologic Asia-Pacific, will be speaking about RCA in healthcare at the Hong Kong Hospital Authority Convention 2020 on 4 and 5 May 2020.  Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre’


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MIDLAND, Michigan, USA – Sologic is pleased to announce a new Incident Timeline feature that has been added to Causelink Enterprise and Causelink SaaS root cause analysis software.  Currently undergoing Beta testing, the feature displays an interactive timeline, the ability to add/edit events and details, and the ability to add these events to the cause and effect chart.  The feature benefits end users by providing an easy, linear way to describe events that led to a problem they are working to solve.  It also provides a simple way to share the timeline with other users and stakeholders.

As one Beta tester stated “I like having the time scale on the bottom and how easy it is to move back and forth.  The zoom buttons are helpful when you are trying to relate the relative distance of the events or see it in an overview.”  Beta testing will continue for several months and user feedback will be incorporated into a production release slated for early 2017.  

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Sologic provides root cause analysis (RCA) training, software and services to help companies achieve business goals by solving challenging problems and preventing them from recurring. With offices on five continents, our RCA solutions are built on over 20 years of field experience with clients worldwide – particularly to disciplines such as quality, safety, IT, reliability and maintenance, operations and logistics, environmental, and legal.