Sologic lead the way in complex problem solving; providing training, software and strategic guidance within all sectors and across all disciplines. At our core is a powerful Root Cause Analysis process utilising structured and creative problem solving techniques.  No one delivers a more effective way to make informed decisions and solve problems.

Used by leading organisations around the world, Sologic RCA underpins key processes in problem solving, risk reduction and business improvement.  Sologic’s products and expertise empower organisations to improve crucial skills, develop effective processes and transform their workplace culture. 


Sologic Root Cause Analysis is a structured problem-solving methodology based on a flexible, scalable and transferable 5-Step method.  Applicable as both a formal method and an informal practice, Sologic’s method provides a universal evidence-based framework, shared language and streamlined reporting structure that will transform the way an organisation address major challenges and opportunities.  

The Sologic RCA method is easily adopted across disciplines, utilised in technical teams, essential to strategic planning, beneficial to CX and customer service teams and indispensable to risk and regulatory professionals. Sologic RCA is an effective, efficient and versatile way to significantly improve your approach to problem solving, risk management and decision making.   


Sologic's RCA methodology is the most effective, comprehensive and versatile structured problem-solving technique available.  The method is logical, scalable and easily adopted within departments. Our professionals deliver market-leading classroom-based training, e-learning, and skills development programs that transform organisational problem solving.  

Our courses help companies develop advanced, 21stCentury skills, essential for solving everything from smaller recurrent operational issues to the most challenging problems and significant one-off events.  Sologic’s method is used by leading organisations across all sectors and within all disciplines. 


Causelink enables teams to collaborate with ease, understand problems, identify root causes, generate solutions and share lessons learned, like no other software product.

As organisations become more complex, work across multiple territories and operate under ever greater regulation and scrutiny, finding and sharing effective solutions has never been more important.

Sologic’s Causelink software has been developed to overcome these problems and transform an organisation’s ability to analyse, understand and share. 

Causelink is the fastest, most efficient and most effective problem solving software available.  Trial Causelink or request a Demo today.


Our experienced Sologic investigators help firms uncover the hidden root causes of major problems. We support organisations, leading accurate, detailed, and impartial RCA investigations into complex problems.

We understand the issues, sensitivities and complexity encountered when major incidents occur and help your teams uncover effective and robust solutions.

Our expert facilitators will manage, lead and support you through a powerful root cause analysis and help you navigate the unique challenges presented by substantial failings or significant high-impact events. 


Do you want to transform your decision making and problem solving processes?

Sologic’s RCA process has been adopted by hundreds of leading companies, in over 40 countries, across many different disciplines and within all major sectors.  With Sologic, organisations have made their problem solving and decision making faster, more effecient and more effective.  

Our team has vast experience delivering training, embedding RCA software and developing effective problem solving cultures, often within the most complex and challenging of organisational environments.  Creating effective problem solvers and instilling evidence-based thinking is what we do.   

Sologic will deliver the skills, the processes and the culture that you need to transform your organisation.


A culture of logical, evidence-based decision making will deliver far more than bottom-line business improvements. Organisations using Sologic RCA reveal easy to miss systemic risks, address human-factors and uncover information pinch-points.  Sologic's process, software and language helps to support substantial programs of Change and Business Improvement. 

A strong RCA process dramatically improves organisational communication, cultivates a shared language, supports institutional learning, and underpins a robust corporate memory. Evidence-based collaboration all supports accountability and just culture initiatives, delivering improved staff retention, wellbeing and engagement.

It’s little wonder that the World Economic Forum promote complex problem solving as the most important of all 21stCentury employee skills. 

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