Industry professionals from a wide variety of sectors have trained with Sologic to improve their problem solving skills.  Sologic's proprietary Root Cause Analysis method and software has enabled organisations to solve problems, improve performance and reduce risk.  From encouraging an effective mindset, to creating a standardised language, through to breaking down established organisational silos, the Sologic RCA method leads the way in complex problem solving.

We had operated with several legacy problem solving and investigation methods which did not meet our operating model or stakeholder expectations.  Sologic gave us a framework to work towards along with strategic and tactical training and support.    
Chief Operating Officer, Energy Provider

In our team we’ve always spent our time dealing with symptoms we thought were causes. Sologic encouraged us to to look beyond these and understand what causes them at source. 
CX Manager, Digital Banking

Our rate of growth outstripped our ability to successfully manage complaints and failures. Sologic provided us with a unified solution of RCA training, skills development and Causelink software. Causelink has enabled us to fully understand the common issues experienced across our network.
Fulfillment Director, Distribution Centre 

Six months after training 2 teams in Root Cause Analysis the big outcome has been how much easier it’s been for us to work together on difficult and sometimes controversial problems.  The method helps us keep to an effective structure, measure the outcomes and reduce conflict. 
Quality Manager, Chemical Plant

RCA training with Sologic revealed to us that much of what we considered strategic planning was, in fact, tactical problem solving. Getting to the root causes of issues affecting communication, project planning and HR has dealt with more problems than we could have ever anticipated.
Learning and Development Director, International Accounting Firm

We felt that we were an effective problem solving team but, in fact, we’d actually become elite level ‘fire-fighters’.  Our behaviour had become almost totally reactive and corrective.  As the number of issues and complaints increased we tried to work harder, not differently.  Setting up an RCA team has enabled us to prevent and correct our major problems.
Director of Care, Care Provider

We recognised that our problem solving lacked a clear analytical component. We were making decisions based on opinion and past experience which, on occasion, resulted in solutions that were easy to apply, inexpensive, but often ineffective. RCA has broken this cycle and we are looking to roll it out to the wider organisation.
Head of Customer Journey, Consumer Finance Provider

Sologic RCA has been a major component of our Senior Management process for almost a decade.  For us, it is essential that all of our strategic decision makers share the same formal (and informal) process, the same language and a shared culture.  Importantly RCA has always been a simple ‘plug and play’ for our other Change and Continual Improvement initiatives.
Head of People and Change, Industrial Gas

My organisation enjoyed the RCA training a great deal. Everyone came out of the course motivated and enthusiastic . The delivery was very good. We all got so much out of the course. I would highly recommend Sologic for RCA training.
Learning and Development Manager, Private Healthcare Facility

Sologic RCA was a major part of our recent program of change. It made problem solving quicker, less political and, above all, more effective. 
Project Manager, Aviation Company
Sologic’s RCA training has been a real eye-opener. We have learned a completely new way of attacking not only common problems in our services, but all sorts of challenges, including organisational ones. I can strongly recommend Sologic as a training partner for RCA.
Delivery Manager, Software Sector
We didn’t so much as start thinking outside the box, with Sologic we really just started looking in the box properly for the first time.
QA Manager, Waste Management
Training our strategic management teams gave us clearer thinking, more effective planning and swifter fault resolution. Sologic RCA had a major impact on our service levels.
Service Director, Banking Sector
Once we’d adopted the Sologic RCA method we were able to make major inroads into a host of stubborn recurring problems, some of which had plagued us for years.
Systems Engineer, Regional Water Company
The game changer for us was adopting Causelink Enterprise software. Revealing common causes across global projects enabled us to resource and plan in a vastly more efficient and effective manner.
Planning Manager, Civil & Industrial Engineering Sector
Developing a genuine desire to know WHY something happened instead of just ‘what happened’ signalled a major cultural shift for us. Sologic enabled us to embed this culture across all of our complaints teams and managers.
Complaints Team Leader, Retail Banking

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