Root Cause Culture

By embedding Sologic Root Cause Analysis at the heart of your organization you are introducing a powerful, scalable, evidence-based method that can transform your firm’s approach to complex problems and decisions. Effective RCA reduces risk, boosts performance and drives innovation. 

Sologic RCA programs provide the training, products and on-going support required to develop your own RCA experts who will confidently deliver evidence-based solutions while also facilitating the shift toward causal thinking by line-employees.

Sologic Root Cause Analysis is built on decades of knowledge and experience in the fields of quality, reliability, safety, IT, service, and performance.  Organizations can expect measurable benefits across all of their key sectors.

What could a world-class RCA Program deliver for your organization?

  • Accurate investigations yielding both corrective and preventive actions 
  • A powerful and scalable methodology used by all disciplines, teams and departments.
  • Improved efficiency, supporting change and breaking down organizational silos.
  • Reporting skills that allow information to be shared quickly and contribute to institutional learning.
  • Software that drives investigation quality and produces the final report, which includes evidence, business impact, causes and solutions.
  • Innovative solutions that go beyond Retrain, Reinforce, and Re-communicate.
  • Focus on evidence, logic, and causes - not blame and punishment.
  • Problem-solvers who understand that there are always combinations of ‘root causes’ at play, and rarely just a single ‘root cause’.

Free Up Valuable Resources

Effective RCA enables you to free up important resources to direct to value-adding activities.  Firms can begin to navigate away from time-consuming, ad-hoc problem solving that results in putting out the same fires over and over again, switching to improved culture, boosting innovation and improving efficiency.  

Improve Organizational Alignment

Without a defined RCA program, when incidents occur, valuable time is wasted trying to understand exactly how the incident happened.   Sologic RCA will help you define the roles, responsibilities and expectations so that the RCA process is set in motion automatically, freeing you up to communicate with customers, suppliers, and your team. 

An RCA program provides structure to maximize your investment in training and software.  

Building an RCA program is easy, but you don’t have to do it on your own.

Sologic will provide the recommendations, support and pricing for a customized RCA program “Right-Sized” to efficiently meet your needs.

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