Causelink® Enterprise


Root Cause Analysis Software

Solve problems

Reduce risk

Improve performance

Enable teams to collaborate with ease, understand problems, identify root causes, generate solutions and share lessons learned.

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Deal with greater complexity, across multiple platforms

Causelink Enterprise has been developed to empower organisations to work effectively across multiple territories within shortened timeframes.

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Understand events and apply effective solutions

Empower your organisation, teams and individual problem-solvers to make evidence-based decisions, reduce risk and improve performance.

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Causelink Enterprise supports the building, editing and sharing of any RCA activity across mobile devices.

Apply photos, video and audio on the move, suggest solutions on the go, and share reports direct from the field in real time.

Gain full control with a powerful feature-set

  • Cause & Effect Charting

    Gain common understanding of complicated events by logically displaying cause and effect relationships. Assign evidence, set actions and analyze solutions across the most complex of environments.

  • Incident Timelines

    Build dynamic, impactful and evidence-based timelines for any problem, any challenge or any project. Export your Timeline into a Cause and Effect chart to start your analysis.

  • Flexible Dashboard Reporting

    Configure a dashboard to suit the needs of users. Including, Action Tracking, Workflow Management, Communication Updates, KPIs and much more. Allow teams to manage more, understand progress and reveal trends across an entire program.

  • Common Cause Detection

    Reduce vulnerability and uncertainty using Causelink’s automated Common Cause feature. Revealing problem hotspots and emerging trends to focus your resources, pinpoint preventative actions and reduce risk.

  • ROI Calculator

    Calculate Return on Investment and manage resources allocated to RCA reports and objectives, locally, or across your entire organisation.

  • Corporate Memory

    Organisations thrive on institutional learning and the creation of a robust corporate memory. Causelink Enterprise preserves this valuable, hard-earned information in an easy to access and simple to share environment.

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Choose from 7 languages

Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, German, and Thai. Support your global team by offering Causelink in their preferred language.

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Secure cloud storage

Access your RCA activity from a single secure on-site or cloud-hosted site.

Support Features/Technical

  • Integrate with other software systems via API
  • Automated RCA status emails
  • Integrated tutorial
  • Fully supported service
  • Shared updates and new releases
  • Daily backups held for 14 days
  • Authenticate with Causelink DB or SAML 2.0
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