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Sologic public root cause analysis courses are held regularly around the world and are open to attendees from any sector and from any discipline. Gain knowledge and develop expert investigation skills while networking with others.

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Root cause analysis helps us learn from adverse events and develop resilient systems by building a colaborative problem-solving culture.  With both standard and custom options, Sologic offers a comprehensive and rewarding RCA curriculum.

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Online root cause analysis training is a convenient, fast, and effective way to increase knowledge and develop skills.  Sologic offers both a step-by-step computer-based training course as well as instructor-led online training. 

Sologic RCA Method

The Sologic Method of root cause analysis has five steps:

    1)  Gather Data
    2)  Problem Statement
    3)  Analyze Cause & Effect
    4)  Generate Solutions
    5)  Report Findings

The goal is to thoroughly understand what happened so we can prevent it from happening again.  All conclusions must be supported by evidence.  Blame is discouraged.  Sologic RCA is based on logic, therefore it applies to any problem.
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Start Using Causelink Software

Every instructor-led Sologic RCA course includes an option to use Sologic’s powerful reporting software, Causelink. Locally-installed Causelink Desktop, or the cloud-based alternative; Causelink Individual, helps students structure their analysis, build outstanding final reports and share their findings with ease.

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