Experienced professionals in the Oil & Gas Sector may already be familiar with some elements of the Sologic Root Cause Analysis (RCA) problem solving method.
Whether up-stream, mid-stream or down-stream, investigating the causes of equipment breakdowns, safety incidents, capacity reductions, or spills is a must for oil & gas companies given an environment of strict regulation and compliance.  As a result, customers and regulators are strongly encouraging the sector to employ stronger RCA methods as a way to substantially improve through-put, reliability and EH&S performance.

Sologic is an established provider of root cause analysis skills and tools to the Oil & Gas Industry with established clients across the world. As a result, our training courses, methods and software products are aligned to the unique needs of the sector. Sologic RCA removes the reliance on subjective guess work, and tired, old solutions such as “re-train” or “re-communicate” instead replacing them with a repeatable, scalable process, built on objective analysis that delivers innovative, effective solutions.

Sologic RCA has been a major component of our Senior Management process for almost a decade.  For us, it is essential that all of our strategic decision makers share the same formal (and informal) process, the same language and a shared culture.  Importantly RCA has always been a simple ‘plug and play’ for our other Change and Continual Improvement initiatives.
Head of People and Change, Industrial Gas

Six months after training 2 teams in Root Cause Analysis the big outcome has been how much easier it’s been for us to work together on difficult and sometimes controversial problems.  The method helps us keep to an effective structure, measure the outcomes and reduce conflict. 
Quality Manager, UK Chemical Plant

So, what exactly is a truly effective RCA and what does it deliver? At its core, RCA is a process for identifying the causes of problems or events in order to prevent them from recurring. It is based on the idea that effective management requires more than putting out fires for problems that develop but finding a way to prevent them. RCA can also be employed as a means of identifying best practice, supporting continual improvement and rewarding evidence-based decision making.

The methodology provides oil and gas professionals with:

  • Insight into underlying causes of problems and successes in operations, quality and safety
  • Solutions with immediate and lasting impact
  • A unified method to address contractor and supplier breakdowns
  • Compliance with the expectations and guidelines of regulators and HSE
  • Reducing complaints and building a better reputation and experience for customers
  • Opportunities to improve weakness or failures in the supply chain
  • Automated reports for improved transparency and compliance
  • Creating a competitive edge for winning new business
Our evidence-based method enables oil and gas companies to uncover the genuine systemic and non-systemic causes of failure and understand where they can focus their continual improvement efforts. Supported by the powerful Causelink software product, the Sologic RCA method also integrates and supports complimentary programs such as CAPA, Six Sigma, ISO and LEAN.

"Explains types of causes which can combine to result in an incident. Helped me to structure my thought processes when doing Root Cause Analysis and ask questions which I may not have asked otherwise."


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