Food and beverage professionals are responsible for producing high-quality products reliably, consistently, and safely.  Root cause analysis ensure their products are produced, packaged, and delivered on time and on target.
Producing high-quality products is mission-critical.  Product recalls damage consumer trust.  Maintaining reliable production preserves tight profit margins.  And living up to the highest food safety standards takes care of the number-one priority—the customer.  Root cause analysis helps in all these areas.

Our rate of growth outstripped our ability to succesfully manage complaints and failures. Sologic provided us with a unified solution of RCA training, skills development and Causelink software. Causelink has enabled us to fully understand the common issues experienced across our network.
Fulfillment Director, Distribution Centre 

Sologic’s RCA training has been a real eye-opener. We have learned a completely new way of attacking not only common problems in our services, but all sorts of challenges, including organisational ones. I can strongly recommend Sologic as a training partner for RCA.
Delivery Manager, Software Sector

So, what exactly is an effective RCA and what does it deliver for Food & Beverage professionals? At its core, RCA is a process for identifying the causes of problems or events in order to prevent them from recurring. It is based on the idea that effective management requires more than putting out fires for problems that develop but finding a way to prevent them. RCA can also be employed as a means of identifying best practice, supporting continual improvement and rewarding evidence-based decision making.

The methodology assists food and beverage professionals with:

  • Identifying underlying causes of significant problems or successes
  • Delivering solutions with immediate and lasting impact
  • Eliminating the causes of contamination
  • Improving performance of suppliers
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Reducing complaints and building a better reputation and experience for customers
  • Opportunities to improve weak or failing systems
  • Automated reports for improved transparency and compliance
 All organizations have repeat problems, but successful companies fully understand why these problems occur and are able to put in place effective and sustainable solutions that prevent recurrence. Sologic RCA provides a visual understanding of the complexity of problems including all causes including human, equipment, cultural, and procedures, that are buried in all problems. The process is engaging, educational and by its nature leads to stronger support for proposed solutions. Our Causelink software provides logistics professionals with the world’s leading software for problem solving, reporting, trend analysis and common data storage.

Sologic uses structured analysis to solve problems that impact equipment availability, plant reliability, and overall efficiency. This effective approach reduces risk and prevents significant problems from recurring in their organization. Our customers tell us that they appreciate a method that reflects the world as it happens and does not force them to “check a box” which rarely reflects their situation. The Sologic RCA method also integrates and supports respected programs such as Six Sigma, ISO and LEAN.

"I would recommend this to everyone that has issues internal or external. It’s a great way to find ‘hidden’ causes of an issue."


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