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RCA in Healthcare
Dr. Eric Lim, Managing Director for Sologic Asia-Pacific, will be speaking about RCA in healthcare at the Hong Kong Hospital Authority Convention 2020 on 4 and 5 May 2020.  Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre’


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Sologic's Causelink software has just released a BETA version of a root cause analysis (RCA) template in support of the 5 Whys RCA process. The new template simplifies RCA with one easy-to-use page. Sologic is looking for 100 participants to review the new system and provide feedback. 

The new 5 Whys+ template is the result of extensive focus group sessions and customer conversations. During the research phase, many customers expressed the need for a simplified interface that still provides the power of Causelink's cause & effect charting. In addition to the simple interface, the new template gives customers the flexibility to choose the detail to be included in their root cause analysis report.

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