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RCA in Healthcare
Dr. Eric Lim, Managing Director for Sologic Asia-Pacific, will be speaking about RCA in healthcare at the Hong Kong Hospital Authority Convention 2020 on 4 and 5 May 2020.  Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre’


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Kepner-Tregoe, Inc. (www.kepner-tregoe.com) and Sologic, LLC have formed a partnership to offer Kepner-Tregoe problem solving techniques and Causelink® software.  KT Problem Solving Analysis processes in combination with the Causelink browser-based software enhances visibility during issue resolution, maximizes use of data, and eases real-time access and reporting for problem solving. The partnership enhances use data, mapping and other tools and resources during problem solving, including access to existing solutions, emerging trends and more. 

As organizations become more complex, work across multiple geographies, and operate within aggressive time frames, the simple logic of KT processes and Causelink software improves visibility and access to data, tools and other resources needed to accelerate problem solving. 

“While KT has always empowered clients to solve tough problems, the addition of Causelink adds visibility and speed with web-based incident mapping, data and results access, and accelerated processes for virtual teams,” said Christoph Goldenstern, KT’s VP of Innovation and Service Excellence. 

“We’ve always admired KT’s holistic approach to problem-solving and we’re proud that they’ve chosen Causelink to make their offerings even stronger,” said Brian Hughes, Sologic’s Senior Vice President and Co-Founder.  “While our companies generally service different market segments, our processes are largely complementary making this a powerful partnership.”

Kepner-Tregoe (KT), is a global company headquartered in Princeton NJ (USA), that provides consulting and training services to embed advanced problem-solving expertise in a wide range of industries. The KT process-based approach to finding root cause is used by IT service and support, in manufacturing operations and compliance, and in organizations in all industries that seek to decrease costs while improving reliability, quality and customer satisfaction. 

Sologic, LLC, based in Midland MI (USA) provides root cause analysis training, investigation services, and software.  The Sologic method is built on the principle that causal relationships exist for all events and can be graphically modeled by using evidence-based inputs and conditional logic.   Causelink, Sologic’s browser-based root cause analysis software, helps solve the toughest problems and gives leaders the power to continuously improve their organization.  

By combining forces to bring Causelink to KT clients, the partnership puts client success front and center. Benefits include the ease of a consistent, web-based structure, decreased likelihood of recurring incidents based on easier access to data, and a bridge for people trained in other RCA methods.  Organizations struggling to resolve complex or repeat issues, or who face challenges documenting corrective actions, can benefit from the software structure for KT processes. The approach has proven successful for difficult cross-functional issue resolution and to ease the implementation of accurate solutions.