Sologic Causelink takes users through a logical process – from initial data gathering to final reports.

Professional incident investigators, facilitators, and general participants are all better equipped to understand and document even the most complex problems. 
Users realize immediate results through a deeper knowledge of the cause-and- effect relationships inherent in their company challenges and incidents.


Cloud Version

Investigate incidents and solve problems with cloud-hosted and mobile-friendly Causelink Individual.  Build powerful cause and effect charts, incident timelines, action tracking, and next-generation RCA reports, Causelink Individual provides single-users with everything needed to conduct professional investigations and share findings.

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Locally installed on your machine Causelink Desktop helps you analyze the root causes of problems and identify solutions that prevent recurrence.  Features include problem statement templates, intuitive cause and effect charting, effective solution management and comprehensive PDF report feature; presenting evidence, notes and action. 

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