Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is increasingly cited as an integral part of best practice, business improvement and meeting regulator expectations.  As organisations become more complex the methods and tools required to ensure effective problem solving and risk reduction must also become more powerful.  A solid understanding of what defines effective RCA enables Senior Management Teams to decide on its overall suitability with their organisation and the resources they will require.
The aim of this Overview is to raise awareness of the role and benefits of effective Root Cause Analysis. During this interactive workshop there will be an opportunity to explore an overview of the proven and widely used Sologic RCA process:
Throughout this workshop attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the role of RCA in the modern workplace
  • Consider the increasing requirement for complex problem solving 
  • Assess the wider benefits of an effective RCA process
  • Understand the benefits of using a visual method of analysis
  • Explore how RCA can generate targeted and evidenced based solutions
  • Understand the increased regulatory demands for high quality RCA
  • Consider the requirements of an effective RCA program 
Who should attend?
This workshop is aimed at decision makers who:
  • Want to benchmark their understanding of RCA
  • Want to understand what makes an effective RCA process 
  • Are considering introducing an RCA process into their organisation
Want to explore the training opportunities and RCA services offered by Sologic