What is FMEA?

An FMEA, or Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, is a systematic approach designed to proactively identify potential risks so problems can be prevented or mitigated before they occur. The primary goal of FMEA is to anticipate and prevent problems, thereby improving reliability and safety. This method can be applied broadly across disciplines and applied to a wide variety of subjects, including equipment, work processes, and new designs.

How does FMEA work?

The first step in the FMEA process is to clearly define the scope or subject of the analysis. While this may seem straightforward, it is a critical step to ensure that the FMEA is both effective and efficient. The next step involves identifying all possible ways in which the subject could fail. For each potential failure mode, the possible causes and potential impacts are determined so that the full range of consequences that could arise from each failure is understood. Once all possible failure modes are identified, they are assessed and prioritized. Once this is complete, appropriate actions can be developed and implemented to mitigate risks of failures, focusing on the highest priority.

How does FMEA relate to RCA?

Both FMEA and RCA, or Root Cause Analysis, focus on understanding causal relationships, yet they serve different purposes. An RCA is conducted post-incident to identify the specific causes of that problem, aiming to prevent future occurrences. Conversely, an FMEA is performed proactively to understand and mitigate the risks associated with a process or equipment, thereby reducing the potential for incidents overall. Used together, these tools create a continuous cycle of improvement.

Causelink FMEA Software

Our Causelink software includes an FMEA module that allows users to facilitate and document each step of the FMEA process. It offers the capability for users to build a library of failure modes that can be assessed across multiple FMEA records, making the process faster and more consistent. Additionally, Causelink serves as a central repository for all FMEA data, allowing for easy storage and access across an organization.

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FMEA Training

Sologic will train your team to perform FMEAs, enabling you to bring the process in-house. Our training emphasizes Reliability Centered Maintenance principles and includes practical, hands-on examples. It also covers RCA fundamentals, equipping attendees with the skills needed to manage the full cycle of continuous improvement. We offer public courses periodically, welcoming attendees from all sectors and disciplines. Additionally, we provide FMEA training for individual clients, available both on-site and virtually. The client-specific training can be configured to fit the unique needs of your organization.

FMEA Consulting

Sologic offers comprehensive FMEA facilitation services, available both virtually and in-person. Our experienced team will guide you through the entire FMEA process with the goal of providing a thorough understanding of your asset’s functionality, identifying primary failure causes, and developing targeted strategies to mitigate these risks. We tailor our investigation process to align with the specific needs of each client.

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