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RCA in Healthcare
Dr. Eric Lim, Managing Director for Sologic Asia-Pacific, will be speaking about RCA in healthcare at the Hong Kong Hospital Authority Convention 2020 on 4 and 5 May 2020.  Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre’


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Sologic to deliver RCA Analyst Level 1 Root Cause Analysis course at the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management on February 19th - 20th  2019. 

Root Cause Analysis, as methodology, created to solve complex problems has found a home in many extremely demanding sectors; Chemical Engineering, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Finance and Hydroelectric to name just a few.  But perhaps no sector is better suited to the process than the challenging field of Environmental Management and all of its related areas.  
At its core RCA is a coherent problem solving method designed to add structure to seemingly complex and sometimes even chaotic challenges. The methodology is rigorous and empirical enough to be favoured by disciplines underpinned by STEM subjects (engineers, chemists, biologists) as well as being flexible and intuitive enough to be adopted by professionals in areas of strategy, risk, customer service and regulatory compliance.  In fact, the methodology is often adopted, in part, to encourage professionals from very different disciplines to work more closely and benefit from their different backgrounds and perspectives. 
The Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) is the leading royal chartered professional body dedicated to sustainable management of the environment, globally.  They represent and support a community of thousands of members and organisations in over 89 countries who are dedicated to improving water and environmental management for the benefit of the public. This two-day face-to-face RCA course has been specifically designed to help Environmental Professionals better solve everything from everyday practical problems through to tough, complex and recurring systemic issues.  The course delivers both practical and analytical expertise in areas including: critical thinking, identifying hidden problems, solving systemic problems, building effective teams, running major investigations, addressing risk and improving institutional learning*.
Delegates who complete the course will:
  • Master an effective, evidence-based and scalable problem-solving method
  • Learn how to facilitate a complex RCA investigation
  • Understand how to effectively gather and manage crucial information
  • Master and understand how to implement a powerful RCA methodology 
  • Develop effective visual analysis and charting skills
  • Explore the causes and impact of Human Factors within events
  • Determine ways to effectively communicate RCA findings, solutions and trends
  • Understand and explore the wider organisational benefits of the Sologic RCA method
  • Explore techniques for building effective RCA teams.
  • Receive a Causelink Desktop software licence*
*Included in the course fee, you will receive a full licence to the Sologic RCA charting and reporting software Causelink Desktop, which will support the learning, the RCA process and the use of RCA within your organisation.
Who Should Attend:
Root Cause Analysis is a process and skill that is applicable to all career levels and disciplines, from front-line supervisors and managers to strategic planners. However, this course will be of particular interest to:
Professionals working in the Water, Waste and Environmental Management sectors who require a better understanding of:
– the RCA process and complex problem solving
– the skills required to implement RCA effectively
– the requirements for building an effective RCA program
Those who want to develop a structured and systematic approach to problem solving.
Decision makers who are evaluating the RCA Process for introduction into their
Individuals and/or teams who regularly tackle recurrent or complex problems.
Individuals and/or teams who already have RCA included in their role or function.
Individuals and/or teams working in risk and/or compliance roles.
It will also be of interest to individuals or teams who currently use basic RCA, or processes such as Six Sigma or Lean, and wish to develop their skills further.
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Dates: 19th -  20thFebruary 2019
London EC1N.