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RCA in Healthcare
Dr. Eric Lim, Managing Director for Sologic Asia-Pacific, will be speaking about RCA in healthcare at the Hong Kong Hospital Authority Convention 2020 on 4 and 5 May 2020.  Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre’


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Midland, MI, USA--- Sologic® has released a new web-based product, Causelink Individual, which helps people investigate incidents and solve problems.  With cause and effect charting, incident workflow, action tracking, and report generation, this new software tool offers everything required to conduct an incident investigation and share findings with others.

Building upon the success of Sologic’s Enterprise software, Causelink Individual is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that makes it easy for individual users to sign-up and access professional problem-solving tools with their desktop or mobile device. 

Causelink Individual is available for a monthly or yearly subscription at www.causelink.com.  

About Sologic
Sologic, LLC provides root cause analysis (RCA) training, software and incident investigations to help organizations solve complex problems. With offices on five continents staffed with experienced trainers and investigators, our RCA solutions are built on over 20 years of field experience with clients worldwide – particularly to disciplines such as quality, safety, IT, reliability and maintenance, environmental, operations and logistics.