Sologic’s world-class Advanced Problem Solving course combines state of the art Root Cause Analysis (RCA) methods with proven management techniques to teach you how to identify, dissect and address the root causes of even the most complex problems, challenges and opportunities.

Across this two-day course you will develop the skills required to implement an effective and scalable RCA problem solving process. The course will provide and familiarise attendees with a systematic, structured and evidenced based RCA process that they can be embedded into their organisation. Attendees will apply their new skills to industry specific challenges and case studies. 

Attendees will receive a license to Causelink; Sologic’s RCA Reporting Software and a comprehensive RCA Manual.

This course will teach you how to:

  • Transform your complex problem solving skills
  • Improve your organisation’s crucial decision making ability
  • Develop and embed essential critical thinking techniques
  • Create and develop teams that fully understand complex events
  • Introduce a method, language and culture that delivers, first time, every time
  • Benefit from a significant competitive advantage
  • Encourage innovationand maximise engagement
  • Identify the organisational requirements for embedding this systematic, structured and evidenced based RCA process
Attendees will learn how to: 
  • Assemble fast, accurate and effective problem solving teams
  • Account for the human failure related causes in problem solving 
  • Use the Sologic five step RCA process to structure effective problem solving
  • Uncover, gather and manage essential problem solving data
  • Build powerful visual charts that illustrate genuine cause and effect
  • Reveal and apply effective solutions that save your organisation crucial resources
  • Generate exceptional reports that get noticed and create change
  • Confidently lead a collaborative problem solving team
Sologic’s Advanced RCA Problem Solving course is suitable for any professional who regularly deals with frontline, chronic or strategic problems.  
This course will be of particular benefit to:
  • Company Directors and Leadership Teams
  • Strategic Management Professionals
  • Senior Analysts, Forecasters & Planners
  • Quality, Reliability and Risk Professionals
  • Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Professionals
  • Customer Service, CX and Complaints Managers
  • Specialists in Compliance and Regulation
  • Fraud Prevention Professionals
  • Specialists in Change Management
  • RCA, Lean and Problem Solving Practitioners