Challenging incidents such as serious injuries, product recalls and major equipment damage require sophisticated investigation skills. And organizations achieve the best results when they implement an RCA program.  The Analyst 2 curriculum equips students to develop advanced investigation skills and play a central role in their organization’s RCA program management team.

The Analyst 2 course covers advanced analytical topics and RCA program development best practices. Attendees learn to lead tough investigations, mentor less-seasoned facilitators, and implement strategic RCA programs. 

Empower RCA Teams

  • Investigate challenging, complex events and incidents
  • Identify systemic causes and develop resilient, error-proof systems
  • Develop and assess RCA program goals and threshold criteria
  • Manage sensitivities and organizational politics
  • Share knowledge across the organization
  • Report RCA program metrics and KPIs
  • Establish RCA program roles and responsibilities
  • Provide critical review, feedback and mentoring
  • Universal, scalable, practical and intuitive for RCA novices and experts
  • Logical, complete, and accurate process
  • Communicate findings, solutions and trends
  • Removes focus from generalization, opinion, and finger-pointing
  • Shifts the focus to evidence, logic, causes, objectivity, and collaboration
  • Attain universal, valuable skills that will follow you... wherever your career leads
Course Details
  • 2 Days day of classroom instruction
  • Available as a public or on-site seminar
  • Prerequisite:  RCA Analyst Level 1
  • Most cusomization requests happily accommodated
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