Sologic’s Human Factors course builds upon our 2 day Root Cause Analysis - Advanced Problem Solving Course and introduces the key elements of the Human Factors concept and how they can be addressed within structured problem solving. 
It will illustrate the need to identify, analyse and address the root causes of performance influencing factors and explore the role that these play in organisational problems, challenges and opportunities.
This course will provide delegates with a powerful mix of practical and theoretical skills that deliver significantly improved problem-solving performance and stronger teams.
This course will teach you how to:

  • Improve your overall complex problem solving skills
  • Understand the role of the human in problems and solutions
  • Develop, encourage and embed essential critical thinking techniques
  • Maximise collaborative problem solving skills
  • Isolate, define and mitigate Human Factors
  • Understand impact of Human Failureand blame
  • Encourage systemic improvements
Attendees will learn how to: 
  • Improve their team’s understanding of problems-solving
  • Address the conditions that allow Human Factor related causes to thrive
  • Develop an understanding of the role of Human Factors in problem solving
  • Explore the role of cognition and thinking processes in Human Failure
  • Recognise and manage bias
  • Describe the relative power of solutions
  • Communicate the benefits of a more structured approach to problem solving
  • Appreciate that understanding problems can support innovation and growth
Thiscourse is suitable for delegates who have already completed Sologic’s RCA - 2-Day Advanced Problem Solving course
It will interest and benefit those who wish to improve their understanding of the role of Human Factors in problem solving. Delegates will further practice and build their expertise in the Sologic Root Cause Analysis process.

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